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“The Illusion of Mortality” is much, much more than a book about a woman’s devastating journey through grief; it is a pure food for the soul. We often question why bad things happen to us and after reading this treat, it puts everything into perfect perspective. From Intuition and dreams to the depth and scope of a father’s love, this book is a manual to live by. Phyllis Walsh is not only a gifted teacher, author, and counselor, but takes what at times can be a heady and unrelatable subject and brings it right down to earth for us to ponder the innate truths of our being. Thank you, Ms. Walsh, for sharing your story with us and being daring enough to perhaps heal the world.”

James Van Praagh. 

NY Times Best-selling author,


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“In-depth exploration of dealing with personal loss, and thoughts about life and the hereafter. This is a very good read.”


fivestarA most remarkable book The Illusion of Mortality by Phyllis M Walsh.

By on 22 Mar. 2015

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I am reading a most remarkable book The Illusion of Mortality by Phyllis M Walsh.
I have seen spirit all my life and I so instinctively know and understand exactly what Phyllis M Walsh has experienced and the depths of emotions she has gone through.
This is the most wonderful book and it is no surprise that James Van Praagh is so complementary about it. There are not many books I would recommend as highly and those I do tend to be from many years back, earlier in the days of spiritualism.
It is a wonderful acknowledgment that this more modern book captures so explicitly not only everything I know to be true, but also with such heartfelt compassion, emotions, and truth.
Read it, you need to understand those truths that are held within. Absorb it because then you can push yourself forwards on the spiritual you have chosen with so much more clarity.
It goes through the heartrending experience of losing her husband Owen. Owen had been a competition finalist too on one of Ireland’s most popular radio shows and so with the newly found exposure brought so much more weight to bear…
I have myself found that kind of heartbreak through the loss of my father in 1998 and Phyllis encompasses those feelings of loss and hopelessness that follows and only those who have gone through this can understand.
It is Phyllis’s eloquent retelling of these and other emotions that are of real, solid help to those who have mourned and indeed are mourning…
I can say without fear of contradiction that this will be of great help not only in understanding that somebody truly does know what you may be going through but also that the touch of spirit in is this book.
I have been blessed to have never been far from the spirit in the (so far) fifty-eight years of life in this place we call Earth. And as blessed as I am, I can say that what has transpired through this book, what you will experience will give you a greater understanding…
Buy it, read it, I do highly recommend this book to you. And if my sentiments are not enough… Then maybe you will take the recommendations of James Van Praagh, NY times best seller and International Spiritual Medium…
Blessings and Light to all.
Leo Bonomo.”

romantic-love-blue-sky-and-font-b-white-b-font-clouds-ceiling-papel-parede-mural-fontfivestar A moving and thought-provoking book 

By John West VINE VOICE on 11 Dec. 2013

Format: Kindle Edition

The Illusion of Mortality is a very moving account of one lady’s quest to prove the continued existence of the soul following death.

The author recounts numerous strange events that occurred after her husband’s tragic death – events that convinced her that the author’s husband was still at her side, guiding her in a quest for knowledge into the mysteries of the Afterlife.

The book is part autobiographical and also features detailed information on the various theories relating to the question of Life after Death.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has suffered a loss. After reading it, you will come to realise that death is only the doorway into another world.

The book is also available in paperback.