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  1. For my beautiful daughter Logan who passed tragically in a car accident this past Feb. She was 20 years old. She was our baby girl and the light of our lives. We (my husband, myself and my son are all very very close to her). Amazing things have happened since her passing and I have written each and every beautiful experience in a journal. This continues to happen each and every day with myself, my son and my husband – even our family and friends have witnessed and experienced her truly communicating with them – be it through dreams, mediation, songs, blue tooth…even with snapchat. 🙂 I feel her each and every day – I believe through clarsentience, along with clairvoyance in dreams. I never thought that was possible. I believe we were truly awakened to feel her spirit. I would love to have more clarity to understand some of the dreams, and words that come into my meditation that come very quickly. sometimes i can’t make it out. It would be great to further enhance the ability in how she communicates with us. we were so grief stricken, but with God’s grace and our daughter’s ability and her strength she is making herself known to us she is with us ( a lot) and is learning and growing in heaven along the way – I was shown that as well. what an amazing world we live in to continue to feel heaven and feel her love.

    1. Dear Helen, my sincere condolences on the passing of your beautiful and precious daughter Logan. There are very few words that one can say except to say that although she is no longer with you physically she still continues to be your daughter but just from a different place and in another way. How lovely that already she has made her presence known to you by communicating with you and letting you all know that she is okay and happy. Your son and husband will get tremendous consolation by receiving her validation that she is still with you all, very close by, and making her presence known to you on a regular basis. Dreams are one of the favourite ways that our loved ones communicate with us and to show you that love never ever dies and when it is your time to transition she will be there to welcome you. I like using the analogy which I say to people and it is this, when water boils it transitions into steam it is not destroyed but only changed into a different state. And so too at the point of our physical death we transition into the spiritual state, changed but more ‘alive’ than we ever felt when we were in the physical body. Cherish and document your dreams and all the other wonderful ways that your daughter talks to you as I also did,when my young husband died. Thank you so much for getting in touch and your daughter is now in the Garden of Remembrance and please feel free any time to share more of your feelings, thought and emotions they are valued and empowering. Love Phyllis xxx

    1. Hello Kristie,
      Thank you very much for your thoughtful and supportive comment regarding The Garden of Remembrance which I created to help remember the people close to us who have passed on and where we can write down our thoughts and hopes for the future moving on.

  2. My husband continues to profoundly grieve after the passing of my mother in law. They were very close and we lost her to cancer. She was extremely close to our 3 young children and I believe that she spends a lot of time with me as a guide in my life. I would like for someone to be able to give my husband a strong belief that he would be reunited with her one day as he would have peace and be able to move forward. I’ve never believed in ghosts, spirits, etc until she passed and began contacting me in various ways. At first I dismissed it as coincidence but now I believe but he doesn’t. Do you know if anyone able to give readings for him?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Christine and I am very sorry for the loss of your mother in law. Yes there are some amazing people who can validate the existence of our loved ones in the Afterlife. James Van Praagh is one of those special people and Gordon Smith. Leo Bonomo is also,excellent. You can get their details online which will give your their websites. In the meantime the special and close bond,that your husband had and still has with his mother continues as love never dies. She will continue to communicate with your husband in any way she can via dreams, and the media. Our loved ones use every possible way to send us a message all we have to do is to be open to,their contact . Another fantastic gentleman to get onto his group is Evidence of the aAfterlife run by Victor Zammit,and his wife Wendy Zammit. Tell him to,sign up to,this and he will receive weekly reports into his email address every week. It is specifically for those in grief and also for,a home interested in the Afterlife. I hope I have helped you and thank you again for leaving your message on my site. Please tell other people about my website I would be very grateful because I want to help,anyone who is suffering a bereavement and needs hope . xxx

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment Finola. Very sorry for your loss. I think the death of a child has to be one of the most difficult loses there is. Try to remember your dreams that is when our loved ones who pass can communicate with us. I know your son is helping you and is very close by ❤️

  3. For my wee daddy who was called home by God on Palm Sunday 20th March 2016. God Bless your beautiful soul. You are loved and remembered every day and I know you are with us guiding and loving us as always. We are blessed to sense your presence. My guiding light. Love you now and forever and hold you close in my heart ?

    Remembering also all family and friends who have gone before. Rest in God’s peace.

    1. Thank you very much Agnes for your beautiful contribution and loving words in your father’s memory on this ALL SOULS DAY. Your father is with you all and our loved ones who pass can do much more for us from where they are than they ever could while here on earth. He will feel your special love today and always guiding you till you all meet again. <3

  4. My Dad, Owen, was an extraordinary human being. He was one of those people who you would rarely encounter or would only hear about. He always made sure to look on the bright side of life and would brighten your day by shifting your thinking in such a way that would make you feel grateful for all that you had, even the smallest things in life that you may take for granted. Till this very day, people still often talk so fondly of him and the funny and precious memories they had shared with him in the past. He was so hard working and took nothing in life for granted, making every minute count. He was the happiest and most peaceful man I knew, so contented with his family, a successful music career and even that fact that he could “walk, talk, and see” perfectly without any medical assistance. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think of the amazing times myself and my family shared with him. He was such a very special individual who I loved so much and will never forget. Heaven has certainly gained an angel.

    1. That is such a beautiful and moving account of the love you shared with your father Sophia. He will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved him. He was one of natures special people. You will always carry the strength and life lessons that he taught you. And also his love will help you to succeed in life. To be the strong and special young woman that you were meant to be. ❤️

    2. Sophia that’s so true of your Dad. He was one of life’s very rare gentlemen. He wore his love for his family like a bright beacon and was never afraid to show his feelings. He made every single person that he met feel special. He was a very gentle soul and you always felt better in his presence. Xx

  5. Remembering my beloved Daddy. Gone 13 years now, he was only 53. I miss him every single day but I know he’s looking after me. He takes care of me from afar. He still comes to me in my dreams and I cherish these. He is loved and missed so very much.

    1. That is a beautiful memory of your father Sharon and thank you for sharing that here in the Garden of Remembrance. Remember that death only ends a life, but not a relationship. Love never dies and he will continue to guide and give you inspiration in your life. Dreams are how they communicate with us ❤️

  6. What a lovely idea. My brother JIM will have passed 1 year on 14th Nov and although I feel so grateful we had him in our lives I miss him everyday and feel such sorrow for his wife and family

    1. The first year is the most difficult and challenging time after you lose a loved one. I know Jean that your brother Jim appreciates the love you had for him. Celebrate his life and the embrace the happy memories you shared. Thank you for your posting your comment here ❤️

    1. Thank you Pablo for remembering your father Roberto. I also lost my own father Joseph Desmond O’Connor in 2005. Cherish the happy family times and embrace his memory with love and appreciation. ❤️

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